A Glorious Camp Meeting

One of the great highlights of our church calendar is definitely our Annual Family Camp. It’s probably the one event that I look forward to more than any other. It’s when the Ekklesiathe called out ones (church), gather as a family, as one, and it’s always glorious. But in all the years that we’ve had our church camps, this year’s camp will arguably go down as one of the best we’ve ever had. It’s not a matter of comparison, but we’re certainly growing from glory to glory and at each new level of glory, it’s greater than the previous one. The Lord certainly did something very glorious in our hearts.

Church camp is a time of reset. It’s as though God presses a reset button and brings things into alignment. Like a chiropractor setting bones in the right order, He restores broken things and callings. He brings restitution, but most importantly, church camp is a time of deep cleansing. He deals with our sin and lukewarmness.

One of the issues that was constantly highlighted over and over again at the pulpit at this year’s camp was the spirit of suicide. The other was the issue of pornography. And boy, did God deal with those issues. I feel that on those two issues, God broke something off the people that day.

The teachings and ministry were certainly at a whole new level at this camp. Sis. Suzette Hattingh set the pace on day one when she called the church to repentance and I’ve not seen weeping and crying like this for quite sometime in Cornerstone. I just knew this camp was going to be explosive.

Then, Will Hart and Nicky Raiborde added fuel to the fire and wow, what a blast we all had! Add to that the prophetic anointing of Pastors Alex Larsen, Dian Botha and Ralph and Patti Walden, it was truly a convergence of God’s power and grace. The worship was also at a new level. There was such an abandonment as the people pressed in to God.

Suzette Hattingh’s post on her Facebook page pretty much about sums up the amazing time we had. “I’ve long stopped counting the hundreds and thousands, maybe even millions of meetings and churches I’ve preached in, during my 39 years of full time work for God, trekking through the nations. But sometimes, you minister at a place and simply fall in love with the people. More than just the Agape love of God. There’s such a flowing together of hearts and Spirit and that’s what happened these last few days at Cornerstone Church camp in Malaysia. What wonderful servanthood, hospitality, but above all, a hunger for more of God. It blessed me so much! Thank you again. Great people.”

Wow, what an honour! On behalf of the entire church, I want to thank the Camp Committee for doing such a great job at this year’s camp meeting. But no matter how wonderful the camp was, we must expect God to bring us higher in 2018. We’re moving from glory to glory and we mustn’t look back. Till next year’s camp, let’s keep pressing onwards and upwards.


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