Kingdom Invasion 2018

One of the highlights on our annual calendar has to be the Kingdom Invasion Conference. We just concluded what was one of our most eventful conferences and here’s a brief recap of what we saw this year:

This is the 6th year of the conference, and in total, we had almost 4,000 day registrants; and close to 900 overseas delegates hailing from 47 countries – the highest count in a single KI Conference! Over four nights, we prayed for 1,465 people during the “Prayer for Healing” segment and recorded 207 healings. We also witnessed 229 individuals responding to the calls for salvation and re-dedication during the final two night meetings. 

But these are not just numbers. They represent individual lives that were impacted. Here are a few testimonies from the hundreds we received:

A young lady, who was born with only 10 percent hearing in her left ear, was healed when she went for prayer. The teams tested her hearing and whispered phrases from two metres away and she was able to repeat them accurately.

Another young person who had been suffering from severe back pain for years went for prayer. She did not know that her legs were of different lengths. The teams suggested that they checked her legs and when she stretched them, she realised that they were indeed of different lengths. The teams prayed for her and witnessed an amazing miracle as her legs grew before their eyes and all the pain left her.

Sabrina came on the third night of KI with some friends. She has been unable to walk since birth and depended on a walking frame for her mobility. After being prayed for, she began to walk without the walking frame.

A lady came with blurred vision, but after being prayed for, her vision was restored. She could read words from the screen that she previously wasn’t able to.

I realise that if I were to ask you about your experience at KI this year, you’d probably have a powerful testimony to share as well. I was personally deeply touched and blessed at the sessions. Yet for me, I think the highlight of the whole conference was when we prayed for Singapore and Asia on the last evening of the conference. I had an incredible vantage point standing on stage and witnessing thousands of believers lifting their hands and voices in prayer. I’ve a sure sense that something was set in motion at that moment that will propel Singapore towards revival and becoming the Antioch of Asia.

To the 967 volunteers who served at the event – a big THANKS to all of you! This would not have been possible without the generosity of your finances, time and labour of love. Many of you woke up early, went home late and extended yourself to serve others without expecting anything in return. You did it because of your love for the Lord and for His people. I want to let you know that you’ll by no means lose your reward as you present yourself to serve the Lord.

Years ago, I attended a conference in America where we met a gentleman cleaning the toilets in the church. Noticing that he was a volunteer, we asked him about his usual occupation. It turned out that he was a pilot. When asked what propelled him to serve in the conference, he replied that he wasn’t serving, but making a difference! He was making a difference because he saw the potential impact 4,000 pastors could make all around the world when they encountered God during the conference. In the same way, we want to thank our volunteers for making a difference in the many lives that were represented at Kingdom Invasion 2018.


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