The Lord Speaks

I’d like to reiterate on this Resurrection Weekend that Jesus Christ is ALIVE! This is the greatest and best news ever to hit this planet and after 2,000 years, it continues to be most significant. It’s because He’s alive that salvation for mankind is possible. The Son of God came down on earth and paid the cost of sin, and did for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves. There’s no better nor greater news than this. Our eternity is changed because Jesus died for our sins.
One of the clearest personal evidence that Christ is alive is that He speaks to us – especially as followers of Christ. And when the Lord speaks and we hear what He’s saying, life is a lot easier to manage and go through. It’s also a lot more fun when you’ve Jesus along with you.
A lot of things happened the last couple of weeks. I found myself spending quite a lot of time in hospitals or homes visiting people. This might sound rather disheartening and dreary, but really, it isn’t – not if you’ve Jesus with you. One of the persons I had been visiting was someone whom I got to know two years ago in a hospital. In my recollection, I don’t think I’ve ever been hospitalised in all my adult life. But two years ago, I found myself warded for an insect bite that caused my lymph nodes to become inflamed and enlarged.

In any case, that was where I met Uncle Bob (not his real name). Uncle Bob was articulate, cheerful and strongly-opinionated. He was also in a bad state, health wise. During the stay, I got to know him well and we chatted a lot. By the time I was discharged, we had prayed for Uncle Bob and invited him to church and he started coming.

Two weeks ago, we found out that he was back in hospital and we went to visit him. That’s when I really felt the Lord say that Uncle Bob needed assurance of the reality of salvation and that we should give him the opportunity to get water baptised. Uncle Bob eventually gave his life to the Lord and got water baptised. Shortly after, the Lord took him home.
The ‘strange’ thing is that this happens all the time. The Lord actually speaks to us in just about every case that comes along and He tells us in advance what He’s going to do. There are cases of miraculous healings and in many instances, He gives us a “peace that surpasses all understanding” to let us know that everything’s going to be well.
I’ve discovered that it’s a lot easier doing ministry with the Lord in-charge than trying to go it alone. Of course, this sounds obvious, but the point remains that so often we try to manage things in our own strength. It seems weird to pause and pray when things are happening so quickly around us. It seems counter-intuitive to come aside and wait on the Lord when there’s mounting pressure in our situations. But in truth, this really is the best thing we can do. Once Jesus has spoken and you’ve heard from Him, the storm calms, the winds subside – and you realise that Jesus is on the boat with you and there’s no need to fear.
This Resurrection Weekend, may we recall that Jesus is indeed alive. Our lives can become evident – to the people around us – about the reality of Christ. But that doesn’t happen unless He truly is a living reality for us in our daily lives. I want to encourage you to learn to pause and hear the still, small voice He usually speaks through. It’s true – when you have Jesus, you have everything. Blessings.


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