Walking in the Reality of Faith

I had a very inspiring lunch meeting with a church member this week. We were sharing testimony after testimony of our “faith adventures”, the “hits and misses”. I thought to myself – all fellowship should be like this! We didn’t even realise two hours had passed. His bedtime Bible-reading to his children comprises not just stories from the Bible, but real-life testimonies of God’s goodness and supernatural guidance over his life. Such is the environment of faith his children grew up in.

Testimonies are powerful! They testify of your “acts of faith” in God, of courage and exploits with God, and the trust you’ve placed in Him. It’s faith in action. There are no significant or insignificant testimonies. Any testimony that has faith in it, pleases God (Heb 11:6) and is a powerful weapon in overcoming the enemy (Rev 12:11).

I love testimonies for a few reasons – (1) I don’t have to refer to notes or memorise them; (2) I can share with conviction because I’ve experienced it myself; and (3) I don’t have to worry about copyright issues because I own the rights! It’s my story. So get yours ready and share them as the Lord directs you.

Allow me to share two thoughts that transpired from that lunch conversation which I pray will bless you greatly.

1. Learn to Pray “Faith-filled” Prayers (Mark 11:22)

Faith doesn’t deny facts, faith defies it. What’s true may not necessarily be the truth. Bill Johnson puts it this way, “Real faith doesn’t deny the existence of problems. It denies its influence.”

Our prayers must transcend the temporal and touch the heart of eternity. Faith is the magnet that pulls down Heaven’s power and resources to us on earth. Therefore, every prayer that we pray, even the saying of “grace” for our food, must be injected with faith than just offering lip service.

Facts are likened to the Law of Gravity. Everything on earth is subjected to this law. But there’s a higher law that can overcome it, and that’s the Law of Aerodynamics. That’s why a 560,000kg jumbo jet can take off from the ground and fly in the air. I call this “defying gravity”. Faith operates just like the Law of Aerodynamics. To overcome this world, your faith in God must be more real to you than the realities of this world (1 John 5:4). Faith defies facts. Why walk when you can fly?

2. Learn to Walk by Faith, Not by Sight (2 Cor 5:7)

The slogan for the American Humanist Association is “Good without a God”. I want to offer another perspective – “Not all Good is God”. Let me explain – sometimes you can have a good intention, but it may not be what God wants you to do. Your good works may not necessarily be “God’s work” commissioned by Him, especially if it’s based on reasoning and compassion without the activation of faith that comes from seeking God’s will for each situation.

Jesus only did what He saw the Father do (Matt 5:19), even though in the natural He could’ve aptly handled the issues around Him. There’s always this conscious awareness of the Father that governed His life. For us, that means not to take on every business deal. Not every “battle” is yours to fight, especially those involving the children’s well-being.

Do you ask God who He wants to bless before you give? Or you just give to those whose needs are obvious before your eyes? We’re often moved by the needs and cries of the people and so does God. But when you feel more for the people’s plight than how God feels, you’re veering towards humanism. You’re indirectly saying you’re more merciful than God. Be very careful not to be entrapped by this.

Twice in the book of Proverbs (Prov 14:12; 16:25) was this same verse mentioned, showing the gravity of this warning, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” Do not just follow the letter but overlook what the Holy Spirit is saying.

When that day comes, where people “could not buy or sell unless they had the mark…” (Rev 13:17), we need to know without a shadow of doubt that our prayers can indeed “move mountains” and open doors for supernatural provision. For the sake of your families and people around you whom you care for, may I encourage you to keep walking in the reality of faith and take it higher and higher.

I’ll end with this quote from Max Lucado, “God has proven Himself as a faithful Father. Now it falls on us to be trusting children.”


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